Relocations – Cross Canada moves, Military/RCMP transfers, Retirement Moves

Relocating to another community, city or province is stressful, even more so if you have an entire family to move with you. Having been a military spouse for many many years I have a number of these moves under my belt! So I do get how stressful the move and the process can be! However, with my personal and professional experience I promise to make that move as stress free as possible!

Having been posted to Greenwood 12 years ago for that last posting I have helped military and civilian families and retirees year after year relocate in, out, and around 14 Wing Greenwood and the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I have a simple and effective way of making your move as stress free as possible!

Virtual and Digital marketing for me started a few years back. I have been
using technology not only as a tool to communicate with my house hunters coming from out of province, but also to have the largest reach for my sellers online. During COVID-19, technology for my
clients was already in place, it was just a matter of adding safe measures
for all parties involved.

Today’s technologies are valued for making lives easier, more convenient
and work environments more sustainable. Virtual Reality combined with
Digital Marketing have several advantages to offer to businesses,
including real estate.  Technology is our norm!

From the initial contact if you are relocating in, I will take care of all the important details and keep you informed about every step that needs to be finalized before, during and after your House Hunting Trip, or Virtual House Hunting Trip as I like to call it these days with our current pandemic situation. From Mortgage Brokers to Home Inspectors and everything in between…. I have you covered!

Your HHT (House Hunting Trip) will be planned prior to your arrival! Or prior to your first virtual tour! From the moment your feet hit the ground or your eyes take in your first tour, I have a plan in place that has been used time and time again to find the perfect home for you and your family whilst House Hunting!! Finding “THE HOUSE” for my clients and finalizing the transaction within a week is a challenge I love to take time after time.  And with my current virtual buying plan time is no longer of the essence as it were before and we can shop on your time!!

If we are shopping local I have the same plan in place but spread over time until we find you the perfect home!! I work with you and yours until we get the job done! A week? A year? No job is finished until the perfect home is found!

And if you are selling I have the knowledge and know how to help you navigate the relocation process with ease! And the above average marketing tools to get your home sold in the fastest amount of time for the most amount of money!  And we can do it with virtually no contact and minimize the amount of people who come through your home!!  Virtual selling at it’s finest.  Protecting you and yours!

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